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Meet Dr. Srivatsa Subramanya

What is an Orthopedic Surgeon? Orthopedic specialists are committed to the avoidance, analysis, and treatment of clutters of the bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. A few orthopaedists are generalists, while others represent considerable authority in specific regions of the body, for example, Hip and knee. Dr. Srivatsa Subramanya is one of the best  Orthopedic surgeon in Bangalore and a shoulder and knee specialist. He brings in a truly global experience in shoulder and knee surgery. He has completed his specialist training from Madras Medical College, which has the biggest Orthopedics department in the country. After specialization, he has worked in leading hospitals around the globe learning the best of shoulder and knee surgeries. While in Australia, he was the recipient of the prestigious Melbourne Knee Fellowship (St Vincent’s Hospital) and the Orthoclinic Sydney fellowship in shoulder and elbow. He holds another fellowship in Shoulder and Elbow from Ospedale De Cervesi, Italy. He was the Tohoku University traveling fellow of the year 2015, during which he visited Japan furthering his experience in shoulder and knee surgeries. He has also completed a fellowship in orthopedic trauma from Seoul, South Korea.

Dr. Srivatsa Subramanya is the best orthopedic surgeon in Bangalore who offers a complete range of treatment choices to help patients regain mobility. He is a renowned Joint replacement surgeon in Bangalore who carries a rich experience in joint replacement surgery, arthritis education, resources, and support. The wide range of surgical procedures includes partial and total knee replacement, hips and shoulder replacement, joint replacement, and minimally invasive surgeries. With a team of medical experts, Dr. Srivatsa Subramanya ensures that you get the best treatment and care. His accessibility, commitment, and reliability make him the best orthopedic knee surgeon in Bangalore. Every procedure performed by Dr. Srivatsa Subramanya is aimed at bringing back the mobility levels as near to normal by providing state-of-the-art pain management therapies and medication, physical and occupational therapy, arthritis education, etc.

Dr. Srivatsa Subramanya is the knee replacement surgeon in Bangalore who provides treatment in an advanced setup and top-quality infrastructure.  The center is regarded as one of the best places to have ACL reconstruction surgery in Bangalore. Dr. Srivatsa Subramanya is a well-known shoulder surgeon in Bangalore who has cured several complex cases successfully. His passion for offering the perfect treatment stands out him distinctly in the niche.

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Siddarth is a professional cricketer. His bowling (spin) skills have earned a place in one of the important leagues. He is only 21. 3 months ago when he was bowling in the nets, he felt a weird pain in his right shoulder. The pain worsened with each day and now he was not able to bowl effectively.

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Hariram is a professional swimmer. He has already won a number of medals at the state and national levels. He dislocated his shoulder while he was diving. He was rushed to the hospital and the joint was put in place. He attempted a return to swim, 6 weeks following the dislocation.

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Shobha slipped while she was returning home in the night. The twist caused a fracture in her ankle. She could notice that her ankle was deformed and she was unable to stand/ walk. She was rushed to the hospital in a rickshaw. She was in severe pain. Shobha is a..

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Hemavathi had unrelenting pain in both her knees for three years. Pain had curtailed her activity level. She could hardly manage her daily chores. Stairs was a nightmare. Since she stayed in first floor and her building did not have an elevator, getting out of the house was impossible.

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Amjad is a keen golfer. He has been playing golf since he was a teenager. After his retirement, a major chunk of his day passes by golfing. He started noticing pain in his right shoulder for the past two years. The pain initially came and went, but gradually became constant.

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Meenakshi tore her rotator cuff trying to lift a flower pot at home. She is 64 and a busy homemaker. She had been living with pain since the day of injury. The pain disturbed her sleep. She found it hard doing her daily Chores like combing hair and wearing her top…

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Preethi is a software engineer, who travels to her office on a two wheeler. On the eventful day, she collided with another two wheeler and fell off her scooter. The scooter in turn fell on her left knee, causing a loud pop. She ad temporarily dislocated her knee…

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Ajay was playing basketball with his mates. He studies fifth grade, but it’s basket ball he is serious about. He has already represented the state in the juniors championship. He was doing a pass and a sudden change if direction caused a twisting injury to the left knee..

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Shankar opened his eyes to find himself in the hospital. He had extreme pain his left thigh. He could see a large wound which was bleeding profusely. A team of doctors were resuscitating him. He could now vaguely remember that he collided with a speeding car…

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Varun is a 30 year old techie. He has been extremely active all his life and loves to play volleyball. However an incident that occurred two years ago had kept him away from volleyball. He had an episode of seizures which simultaneously caused his shoulder to dislocate.

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